Gearbox Emergency Help Line. Our custo- mers have access to 24/7 service support via the following contact numbers: Zambia +260 963 698 210 Congo +243 81 403 51 36 Conveyor Drives ECM David   Brown’s   range   of   helical   and   bevel helical   CX   conveyor   drives   are   designed   to   meet the    needs    of    the    most    arduous    and    intense conveying systems. Horizontal Ball Mill Drives ECM David     Brown’s     MXR     mill     drive     series     is   optimised   to   provide   a   cost   effective,   durable   and easily   maintainable   solution   for   all   horizontal   ball mill. Pinions ECM David   Brown   can   manufacture   high   torque, high    precision    integral    and    non    integral    mill pinions   for   SAG,   horizontal   ball   mill   and   rotary kiln applications. Stacker Reclaimer Drives ECM David    Brown    designs    and    manufactures flexible    conveyor,    bogie    and    industrial    drive systems   for   the   stacker   reclaimers   in   the   bulk handling process. Shovel and Dragline Components Shovel   and   draglines   are   used   extensively   in   the copper,     gold,     iron     ore,     coal     and     diamond industries to remove minerals and overburden. Slurry pump drives   Slurry     pumps     operate     in     ultra     heavy     duty processes   and   require   a   robust   gear   unitas   part of the drive mechanism. Girth Gears ECMDavid Brown’s high integrity girth gears  are used to drive horizontal grinding mills and are designed for ultimate strength and reliability in service.
Profile ECM David    Brown    Zambia    Ltd    offers    a    comprehensive    range    if    gearing solutions     and     services     to     the     mining     industry.     We     are     focused     on understanding   our   customer’s   needs   and   work   to   apply   our   experience   and resources    in    Zambia    and    the    Democratic    Republic    of    Congo    to    deliver worldclass solutions. Services The   mining   and   materials   handling   industry   calls   for   100%   process   reliability to   ensure   that   targets   are   met   and   profitability   is   maximised.   We   know   that gearbox   downtime   impacts   on   your   production   and   as   experts   in   global   gear engineering,   we   are   well   equipped   to   service   and   overhaul   gearboxes   for   the region. We add value by reducing the total cost of gearbox ownership. Workshop and Repairs Our   workshop   is   2621   m2   (8600   square   feet)   and   is   equipped   with   the   latest tools   and   highly   experienced   personnel   ensure   a   world   class   service   and repair   capability   in   Zambia   for   the   products   we   supply.   On   site   field   service technicians are available to assist you with maintenance and repairs. Our   expertise   is   not   limited   to   David   Brown   gearboxes,   we   can   repair   our heritage brands Benoni Engineering Works, Bostock and Bramley and GEC. We   can   also   repair   the   following   brands:   Flender,   Hansen/Sumitomo;   SEW; Bonfi glioli; Rossi; Brevini; Renold Crofts; Lightning. Stores 1493    m2    (4899    square    feet)    of    stores    that    house    critical    spares    and equipment   give   us   the   ability   to   respond   quickly   to   your   needs.   We   can,   on request,     offer     critical     spares     holding     contracts     connected     to     forward purchasing    agreements    (FPA).    You    benefit    with    cost    effective,    timeous equipment replacement and spares availability where you need it.
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