Product Portfolio The company is structured around five key divisional product portfolios: Division - Heavy Equipment Product Focus: Earth moving equipment, off highway trucks, mobile plants, mobile cranes, DTH drilling equipment etc. Division - Pumps Product Focus: De-watering, sludge, slurry, acid, submersible, multi-stage, Vacuum pumps, Peristaltic pumps. Division - Electrical Product Focus: Motors, variable speed drives and cabling. Division - Mechanical Product Focus: Gearboxes [Joint Venture-David Brown Zambia (Pty) Ltd.], Hydrodynamic couplings, shaft to shaft connecting couplings, conveyor belt motion monitors and overhead cranes. Division - Commodities Focus: Commodities. 
Profile ECM ining   Ltd   was   established   in   1992   and   is   a   market   leader   in   the   provision of   high   quality   mining   equipment   and   technical   installation   services   in   the Copperbelt   mining   region.   ECM ining’s   market   leadership   position   is   as   a result   of   having   developed   a   deep   understanding   of   customer   requirements   in the   Copperbelt   including   an   efficient   and   effective   logistical   know   how   that delivers   real   value   to   ECM ining’s   clients.   The   Company’s   competency   in   this regard    has    made    it    the    business    partner    of    choice    for    a    number    of Internationally renowned brands. Our    ability    to    procure    products    internationally    combined    with    our    logistic capability,   has   been   both   proven   and   recognised   by   our   client   base   who frequently   request   our   expertise   to   source   equipment   and   services   that   fall outside of our existing portfolio. Services Workshop and Repairs Our   workshops   cover   an   area   of   3135   square   metres   (±   10285   square   feet) and    is    equipped    with    the    latest    tools    and    highly    experienced    personnel ensure   a   world   class   regional   service   and   repair   capability   in   Zambia   for   the products   we   supply.   On   site   field   service   technicians   are   available   to   assist you with maintenance and repairs. Stores 3120   square   metres   (±   10236   square   feet)   of   stores   that   house   critical   spares and   equipment   for   the   local   mining   industry   giving   us   the   ability   to   respond quickly   to   our   customers.   We   can,   on   request,   offer   spares   holding   contracts connected   to   forward   purchasing   agreements   (FPA).   With   these   agreements in    place    our    customers    benefit    with    cost    effective,    timeous    equipment replacement and spares availability where and when needed. After Hours Support Our    customers    have    access    to    24/7    after    hours    service    support    via    the following   contact   number   +260   963   698   210.
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