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ECM ining    Ltd    distributes,    markets    and    supports    a    wide    range    of    Heavy Equipment    for    the    mining    and    construction    industries.    We    are    a    total solutions   provider   committed   to   the   supply   of   world-class   products   effective after sales service. The   market   in   Africa   continues   to   expand   as   the   African   continent   continues to fuel the resources requirements of the global markets. Zambia    has    had    a    decade    of    rapid    economic    growth.   A    combination    of prudent   macroeconomic   management,   market   liberalisation   and   privatisation efforts,   investments   in   the   copper   industry   and   related   infrastructure   and sleep   increase   in   copper   prices   helped   achieve   an   average   annual   growth   of about 5.7% during the last decade. ECM ining’s   Heavy   Equipment   Division   expects   to   see   continued   sustainable growth   in   both   Zambia   and   the   DRC.   The   width   and   depth   of   the   ECM ining’s product   range   provides   ‘a   one   stop   Heavy   Equipment   shop’   in   the   region delivering optimum value to customers on the back of a buoyant growth. Mobile Cranes Earth Moving Equipment
Heavy Equipment
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