ECM  ining   Ltd   Mobile   Crane   hire   lifts   loads   safely,   reliably,   cost   effectively and   on   time.   Our   mobile   crane   fleet   lifting   capability   ranges   from   7   tons   to 40 tons. Larger lifts by arrangement can be accommodated. Safety Lifting   loads   has   hazards   and   we   have   established   processes   that   reflect   a deeply   ingrained   culture   of   safety   at   ECM  ining.   Our   people   are   what   make the   difference.   They   are   highly   experienced   and   are   trained   to   put   safety first. Reliability Experienced     operators     ensures     that     every     lift     is     conducted     safely. ECM  ining    fleet    maintenance    processes    are    rigorous    and    designed    to ensure   that   the   loads   lifted   by   our   Mobile   Crane   division   is   done   both reliably   and   safely.      All   equipment   is   routinely   maintained   to   the   highest standards   of   safety   to   ensure   that   loads   and   lives   are   not   compromised.   In addition   to   routine   maintenance   we   rigorously   inspect   all   lifting   equipment at   our   premises   by   certified   mechanics   both   before   a   job   and   again   after   a job    to    guard    against    mechanical    failure    providing    our    customers    with peace of mind. Skills ECM  ining    operators    are    certified    and    periodically    undergo    refresher training   to   ensure   that   the   highest   standards   are   maintained.   We   believe, at every level, our team is the most professional and skilled in the region. Availability Our   Lifting   services   are   available   Monday   to   Friday.   Bookings   outside   of normal working hours can be accommodated by prior arrangement.
Mobile Cranes
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