The    Compact    hoists    deliver    all    the    modular    capabilities    of    the    earlier    K-Series in any application, but in a refined and more compact design.
ECM ining   Ltd   range   of   overhead   cranes   can   be   used   for   hook,   grabbing, magnet,    ladle,    bucket    or    stacking    duties    and    can    be    operated    manually, electrically or combinations thereof. Wire rope hoists and components Overhead travelling cranes Hoist-wire rope Portal or semi-portal cranes Portal or semi-portal bridge cranes Cantilever cranes (pillar, jib, wall or walking). The   overhead   cranes   are   manufactured   to   specification   from   some   250   sub assemblies,    the    main    components    being    hoists,    drives,    end    carriages, brakes, gearboxes and motors.   Hoists   are   manufactured   in   a   number   of   standard   models   suited   to   most mining,    industrial    and    general    applications    from    1    to    500    tons.        Hooks manufactured     to     European     Federation     for     materials     Handling     (FEM standards)   are   offered   in   single,   double,   four,   six   and   eight   fall   arrangements, with   lifting   capacities   from   1   to   32   tons,   as   an   ex   stock   item   and   special   hooks up   to   150   tones,   on   application.    ECM ining    also    supplies   Cable   loop   (festoon) systems, enclosed conductor systems as well as open wire.  Single Girder Double Girder  Titan SH-Series The K-Series Titan Compact Series
Overhead Cranes
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