The    Type   T   coupling    contains    a    constant    quantity    of    operating    fluid    and   provides   a   soft   start,   filtering   out   shock   loads   and   vibration.   When   used   in conjunction   with   a   squirrel   cage   motor,   the   fluid   coupling   will   reduce   power demand    on    start-up,    this    proving    a    smooth    controlled    acceleration    and ensures overload protection for the motor and driven machine.
ECM ining   Ltd   is   the   authorised   distributor   of   Voith’s   comprehensive   range   of Hydrodynamic couplings. Variable   speed   hydrodynamic   drives   are   used   together   with   economically priced   squirrel   cage   motors   for   the   speed   control   of   a   wide   variety   of   driven machines   where   they   ensure   maximum   reliability   and   economy. All   couplings are manufactured in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 standards. Voith constant fill coupling - Type T Voith drainable coupling - Type TP Voith variable speed turbo coupling - Type SV Voith water coupling - Type TPW Voith-Fluidrive® fluid coupling - Type FCU traction coupling Voith-Fluidrive® fluid coupling - Type SCR scoop controlled coupling
Hydrodynamic Couplings
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