Scoop   controlled   couplings,   Type   SV    have   the   added   advantage   in   that   the amount    of    oil    in    the    working    circuit    can    be    varied    so    that    the    torque accelaration,    and/or    speed    of    the    coupling    can    be    controlled    while    the coupling   is   rotating.   Ideal   for   multiple   no   load   starting,   load   sharing   and   de clutching applications. Used   in   Power   Plants,   raw   material   processing,   chemical   industry,   marine technology, petrol-chemical industry, metallurgical industry.
ECM ining   Ltd   is   the   authorised   distributor   of   Voith’s   comprehensive   range   of Hydrodynamic couplings. Variable   speed   hydrodynamic   drives   are   used   together   with   economically priced   squirrel   cage   motors   for   the   speed   control   of   a   wide   variety   of   driven machines   where   they   ensure   maximum   reliability   and   economy. All   couplings are manufactured in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 standards. Voith constant fill coupling - Type T Voith drainable coupling - Type TP Voith variable speed turbo coupling - Type SV Voith water coupling - Type TPW Voith-Fluidrive® fluid coupling - Type FCU traction coupling Voith-Fluidrive® fluid coupling - Type SCR scoop controlled coupling
Hydrodynamic Couplings
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