The    patented    Voith    Buffer    Roller    Coupling     transmits    torque,    prevents overload   damage   and   accommodates   alignment   between   connected   drive shafts.   The   coupling   uses   a   ring   of   flexible   buffers,   which   compensate   for axial, radial and angular offsets within given limits. The   patented   buffer   elements   are   elastomeric   cylinders   located   in   pockets formed   between   the   inner   hub   and   outer   ring.   The   large   volume   buffers ensure that severe vibration loads are dampened. The   Voith   Buffer   Roller   coupling   has   high   torsional   flexibility,   significantly dampens     shock     loads     and     torsional     vibrations,     protecting     connected equipment. Typical   applications   include:   centrifugal   pumps,   fans   and   vane   compressors, hammer   mills,   bucket   elevators,   scraper   conveyors,   belt   conveyors,   power generators,   ball   mills,   turbine   drives,   fluid   couplings,   crushers,   and   many more.
ECM ining   Ltd   is   the   authorised   distributor   of   Voith’s   comprehensive   range   of metric   Shaft-to-Shaft   connecting   couplings   as   well   as   the   Falk ®    range   for   use in   general   industry.   Typical   applications   include:   Centrifugal   pumps,   hammer mills, bucket elevators, scraper conveyors and crushers. Voith Buffer Roller coupling Voith Spider Torque coupling Voith Rigid Flange coupling Falk Steel flex® grid coupling Falk Wrap flex® elastomer coupling Falk Lifelign® gear coupling
Shaft to Shaft Couplings
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