Voith   Rigid   Flange   Couplings    type    3    use    shaft    locking    devices    to    create   a mechanical    shrink    fit.    This    replaces    conventional    couplings    which    are normally    keyed    or    heat    shrunk    to    the    shafts.    This    type    removes    the requirement    of    a    key    which    has    the    highest    stress    areas    of    any    shaft connection.    This    type    also    does    away    with    the    inconvenience    of    heat shrinking, and therefore improving ease of removal. This   product   has   been   developed   to   connect   the   output   shaft   of   a   gearbox,   to the   driven   shaft   of   the   application.   This   is   accomplished   in   compact   form, saving on installation space required. Typical    applications    include:    conveyor    pulley    drives,    bucket    wheel    ex- cavators,   various   types   of   elevators,   escalators   and   moving   walk-ways,   as well as many other possibilities.
ECM ining   Ltd   is   the   authorised   distributor   of   Voith’s   comprehensive   range   of metric   Shaft-to-Shaft   connecting   couplings   as   well   as   the   Falk ®    range   for   use in   general   industry.   Typical   applications   include:   Centrifugal   pumps,   hammer mills, bucket elevators, scraper conveyors and crushers. Voith Buffer Roller coupling Voith Spider Torque coupling Voith Rigid Flange coupling Falk Steel flex® grid coupling Falk Wrap flex® elastomer coupling Falk Lifelign® gear coupling
Shaft to Shaft Couplings
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