Ditch Witch, Trenching, Directional drilling equipment Ditch   Witch   Chain   Trenchers   offer   many   solutions   to   both   large   and   small contractors   alike.   Versatile   adjust-ability   of   digging   width   and   depth   allows trenches   to   be   dug   from   as   narrow   as   85mm   to   as   wide   as   610mm,   at   a variable depth of up to 2100mm. The   units   have   proved   most   popular   because   of   their   high   performance, ruggedness,   power   and   ease   of   operation.   For   heavy   construction   digging   the larger    models    can    be    fitted    with    backhoe    attachments,    heavy    duty    roller booms or earth saws. Ditch-Witch   Trenchless   Technology   is   the   only   effective   alternative   when   job site    restrictions    make    traditional    open    excavation    methods    impractical. Available   in   the   form   of   guidable   boring   systems,   guidable   boring   devices   or piercing   tools,   the   equipment   bores   to   distances   of   up   to   200   metres   through a   variety   of   soils,   including   solid   rock.   It   can   be   monitored   to   depths   of   up   to   3 metres using the Ditch Witch Subsite electronic locating equipment. Hammerhead Mole pneumatic piercing tools HammerHead   Mole®   Pneumatic   Piercing   Tools   create   a   compact   hole   for almost   any   underground   installation   with   minimal   disruption   to   landscapes, buildings   or   normal   traffic   flow.   Whether   you’re   boring   a   hole   under   a   sidewalk or   under   a   highway,   HammerHead   delivers   the   productivity   and   reliability needed to keep you on the job. HammerHead    is    the    new    “must    have”    tool    for    municipalities,    electrical, cable/telecom, sewer, plumbing or irrigation contractors. MST Backhoe loaders The   performance   of   the   MST   M5   series   is   rated   tops   in   the   category   of backhoe   loaders   currently   in   the   international   market   and   sets   a   new   industry standard    in    terms    of    durability,    performance    and    value    for    its    production capability. These   backhoe   loaders   are   guaranteed   in   terms   of   quality   and   safety   since they   are   designed   and   manufactured   to   meet   the   ISO9001,   CE   and   TŰV standards,    whilst    the    ROPS    and    FOBS    also    meet    international    safety regulations. Mitsubishi motor graders The   Mitsubishi   motor   grader   range   is   designed   to   blend   high   productivity   with uncomplicated     maintenance,     ensuring     reliability     under     the     toughest conditions.   The   popular   long-life   turbocharged   engines   perform   exceptionally well   in   other   equipment   supplied   by   ECM ining   Ltd.   A   large   number   of   these popular   graders   are   operating   in   difficult   circumstances   all   over   Africa.   A   fully trained   service   and   parts   staff   provide   after-market   support   of   the   quality demanded by both Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd and our customers. Terex Bakhoe loaders TEREX®   Backhoe   Loaders   are   known   in   the   industry   for   their   outstanding quality,     performance     and     affordability.     With     proven     attributes     of     low maintenance    costs    and    high    efficiency    ratings,    Terex    TLBs    are    a    firm favourite with owners and operators. Superior   traction   force   under   all   working   conditions   is   provided   by   the   larger front   and   rear   wheels   resulting   in   increased   production,   tyre   life   and   better flotation.   The   Terex   Backhoe   Loader   is   produced   in   a   high   specification   as standard,   including   a   74.5kW   engine,   30”   rear   wheels,   20”   front   wheels   and air   conditioner   fitted   as   standard   and   meets   international   ISO9001,   CE   and TŰV standards. Terex mini / midi crawler excavators TEREX®   Mini   Crawler   Excavators   are   designed   to   excel   in   the   narrowest   and most     demanding     operating     conditions.     Despite     their     very     compact dimensions,   these   mini   excavators   really   stand   out   thanks   to   their   excellent performance characteristics. TEREX®   Midi   Crawler   Excavator:   The   combination   of   short   tail   swing   and patented   Knickmatic®   function   allows   excavation   adjacent   to   walls   and   other obstacles.   The   load   sensing   hydraulic   system   enables   work   to   be   carried   out precisely and efficiently. Terex compact / heavy wheel loaders TEREX® Compact Wheel Loaders TEREX®    Compact    Wheel    Loaders    are    configured    to    excel    in    the    most challenging   applications   and   environments;   earthmoving,   civil   engineering, road   construction,   gardening   and   landscaping,   laying   cables,   forestry   and agriculture. TEREX® Heavy Wheel Loaders TEREX®     Heavy     Wheel     Loaders     combine     compact     dimensions     with impressive   productivity   for   real   value.   Their   strengths   really   come   to   the   fore in   applications   including   earthmoving,   road   construction,   recycling,   the   wood processing   industry,   agriculture   and   certain   areas   of   the   alternative   energy industry. Mustang skid-steer loaders The   versatile   and   cost-effective   Mustang   Skid-steer   Loaders   are   designed and    built    to    excel    in    a    wide    range    of    working    environments    including agriculture,   construction   and   mining   industries.   It   is   ideally   suited   to   work   in confined   areas,   inside   buildings,   or   anywhere   else   where   it   would   not   be   cost- effective   to   use   a   bigger   machine. A   choice   of   over   50   different   attachments   is available to ensure the versatility of this compact machine. Mustang telescopic handlers Meeting   the   needs   of   the   building,   industrial   and   agricultural   sectors,   the range   of   Mustang   Telescopic   Handlers   provides   robust   reliability,   safety   and ease of handling. It has set an industry standard for rough terrain equipment. Ammann Compaction and Paving Equipment The   Ammann   Group   is   a   Swiss   company   that   are   proven   global   compaction Roller   Specialists   with   over   100   years   of   history.   Providing   a   comprehensive range   of   Compaction   equipment   with   a   unique   design   which   not   only   offers machines   at   a   very   comprehensive   price,   but   with   superior   running   costs, lower maintenance costs and enhanced compaction performance. Apart   from   a   full   range   of   compaction   equipment,   Ammann   provide   world leading   asphalt   pavers   and   pavers   to   suit   the   demands   of   almost   every   road construction project from start to finish.
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