ECM ining Ltd is an authorised distributor of ELB Equipment Ltd. Dressta Bulldozers Dressta   Bulldozers   are   designed   to   be   easily   controlled,   no   matter   the   skill level   of   the   operator. Their   machines   feature   a   left-hand   joystick   control,   right- foot   pedal   for   engine   deceleration   and   a   left   pedal   for   braking.   The   M   series dozers   are   designed   with   a   power   train   that   combines   a   torque   converter   with clutch-brake    steering.    This    power-train    outperforms    competitors    that    use hydrostatic   power   trains   in   addition   to   having   lower   repair   and   maintenance costs.   It   provides   good   shock   absorption,   minimises   engine   lugging,   and allows operators excellent control over machine power. Kawasaki Wheel loaders The   range   of   Kawasaki   Wheel   Loaders   and   LHD’s   is   designed   to   meet   the demands of the larger mining operations. Kawasaki   is   one   of   the   biggest   wheel   loader   manufacturers   in   the   world   and, in   fact,   a   leader   in   their   field   when   considering   that   the   first   articulated   loader was designed and manufactured by Kawasaki. Meeting,   and   in   many   instances   surpassing   international   competition,   the reliability   and   durability   of   the   Kawasaki   product   range   is   well   proven   and established throughout the world. Sumitomo tracked excavators Sumitomo   presents   the   world   with   an   excavator   that   combines   the   latest technology   with   increased   productivity,   lower   running   costs   and   increased environmental protection. With   fuel   savings   up   to   and   exceeding   20%,   the   latest   Sumitomo   LEGEST series     hydraulic     excavator     won     the     prestigious     Japanese     “Energy Conservation   Award”   in   2008   and   the   “Good   Design”   Award   for   2007   -   2008. These   awards   puts   Sumitomo’s   advanced   technology   on   the   same   level   as the   Toyota   Prius,   a   world-renowned   hybrid   car.   The   integration   of   the   newly developed   “SPACE   5”   Isuzu   4HK1X   engine   and   the   new   Sumitomo   intelligent hydraulic system (SIH:S) improves fuel efficiency, engine output and torque.
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