ECM ining    Ltd    provides    the    biggest    range    of    reliable    Heavy    Equipment    to   the Zambian    and    Democratic    Republic    of    Congo    markets.    Our    range    of equipment    includes    the    technology    and    support    for    surface    mining    and construction industries. ECM ining    Ltd    also    supply    cranes    and    hoists    that    are    designed    and manufactured   by   reputable   global   leading   crane   manufacturers   and   conforms to   the   highest   safety   standards.   Their   precision   and   performance   has   been proven    in    high    corrosive    environments,    and    under    wide    extremes    in temperature,   humidity   and   altitude.   The   entire   range   is   backed   by   ECM ining Ltd    expertise,    skills    and    knowledge,    giving    our    customers    the    complete product service and peace of mind.   We deliver real value to our customers by providing: The convenience of ‘one stop, heavy equipment shop’ Parts back up and 24/7 field service Well-equipped regional workshop serving Zambia and the DRC
Heavy Equipment
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