Powerscreen, mobile and static screening plants Powerscreen   manufactures   an   extensive   range   of   screening,   shredding   and washing   equipment   for   use   in   material   processing   industries.   This   equipment, with   its   unique   screening   action,   is   capable   of   being   used   in   a   myriad   of applications   and   industries   -   applications   include   sludge   and   ash   as   well   as aggregates   such   as:   sand,   gravel,   hard   rock,   crushed   rock,   coal,   limestone, mineral ores & many others. Mobile and static Crushing plants ECM ining   Heavy   Equipment   Division   provides   a   comprehensive   range   of high   performance,   high   quality   jaw   and   cone   crushers   to   meet   the   toughest crushing demands of quarrying, demolition and recycling industries. The    machinery    and    plant    are    designed    to    give    a    long    and    trouble-free operation. Furukawa drill rigs Furukawa   Rock   Drill   products   include   the   well-proven,   rugged   pneumatic   crawler   drills,   a   full   range   of   hydraulic   and   down-the-hole   (DTH)   crawler   drills available ex stock for small to medium surface blast-hole needs. A    wide    range    of    underground    drill    rigs    can    be    supplied    to    suit    any underground installation as well as a selection of pneumatic hand tools. Furukawa hydraulic hammers With   the   range   of   Mini-excavators   rapidly   expanding   some   17   sub-divisions    of bucket   capacities   (from   0.5   to   5   tons)   are   now   recognized.   To   match   this increased    range,    the    new    small    F-series    breakers    are    available    in    five models,    each    designed    to    match    specific    needs.    The    new    Furukawa maintenance-free   breaker   models   FX15   to   FX55   offer   a   clear   distinction   from combined   hydraulic/gas   ones.   Medium   hydraulic   breakers:   F6   and   F9.   Large hydraulic breakers: F12XP – F100XP. Furukawa   Hydraulic   Hammers   can   be   fitted   to   any   type   of   excavator,   mini excavator, skid-steer loader or backhoe loader on the market. FRD Excavator attachments A   complete   range   of   excavator   attachments   is   available   -   from   hydraulic   crushers   and   cutters   to   compactors,   demolition   and   sorting   grabs   for   use   in rock breaking and demolition applications. Kiverco recycling systems Kiverco   Recycling   Systems   are   reputed   to   be   a   leading   manufacturer   of   Waste    Recycling    Systems    for    Construction    and    Demolition    Waste.    This market-leading    supplier    provides    many    customers    with    its    wide    range    of equipment   for   use   in   the   Waste   Processing   and   Recycling   industries   and offers    superior    operating    efficiency    combined    with    low    level    maintenance requirements. Mc Girr Blockmakers The McGirr Multilevel Masterblock MkII is the most advanced automated mobile block-making machine of its kind. Its innovative design enables the  machine to make all types of blocks, bricks and cavity blocks. On tests the machine produced in excess of 4500 solid blocks per hour making it one of the most cost-effective and efficient mobile blockmaking machines on the market. The unique system for raising and lowering the front end of the machine to facilitate “any size of block on the market” makes this the most versatile machine available. Taurus heavy duty rotary barrel screens The   Taurus   Heavy   Duty   Rotary   Barrel   Screen   is   designed   to   meet   the   needs   of   the   many   mines,   especially   open   pit   mines,   opting   for   in-field   screening.   It is   a   unit   that   is   capable   of   taking   the   R.O.M.   (Run   of   Mine)   materials   and separating    it    at    through-put    tonnages    ranging    from    250    to    over    1000 tons/hour.   The   extra   heavy   duty   rotary   barrel   screen   can   handle   materials   of 1 m² or larger and is therefore ideally suited to screen any type of ore. All   barrel   screens   are   locally   designed   and   built   by   ELB   Equipment   to   suit   the client’s   specifications   and   are   able   to   produce   many   different   screened   sizes of R.O.M. material from just the one machine. The unit can be installed as a fixed, skid-mounted or mobile unit. Telestack telescopic conveyor belts Mobile, track-mounted TELESTACK Telescopic Conveyor Belts provide ideal  bulk materials handling solutions to the Quarrying, Ship loading and Mining industries. The range of products gives the customer total flexibility, efficiency and productivity in any application. Oresizer verticle shaft impact crushers The    Oresizer    Vertical    Shaft    Impact    Crusher    is    locally    designed    and   manufactured.   It   is   a   tried   and   proven   machine   in   all   South   African   quarrying and   mining   conditions.   The   unique   rotor   and   parts   design   allow   most   other V.S.I’s to be converted to this system. Terex mineral processing systems TEREX®   Minerals   Processing   Systems   (MPS)   offer   the   most    comprehensive crushing    and    screening    lines    on    the    market    today.    MPS    was    created    to enhance   customer   satisfaction   by   providing   applications   expertise,   process equipment,   parts,   service   and   complete   systems   for   fixed-site   crushing   and screening   of   construction   aggregates,   industrial   minerals,   ore   and   demolition debris. MODCO 100 processing plants  The   MODCO   100   Processing   Plant   for   coal   washing   is   designed   and   built   by   EPE,   a   subsidiary   of   the   ELB   Group.   It   offers   complete   modular   processing plants   for   a   variety   of   processing   applications   such   as   coal,   diamonds   and gold.   Plant   sizes   range   from   10   tph   to   1500   tph   and   are   easily   scaled   due   to their   modular   construction. All   plants   are   assembled   and   water   commissioned at   the   point   of   manufacture,   prior   to   being   transported,   making   them   ideally suited   for   remote   operations   in   Africa   and   elsewhere   where   resources   are usually non-existent.
Mining and Quarrying Equipment Heavy Equipment Division
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