Chemical pumps – Vertical and axial flow sulphuric acid pumps and molten sulphur pumps ‘Lewis’ Vertical chemical pumps The Lewis range of pumps known for their outstanding performance and reliability in high temperature (Molten Sulphur) applications for production, transfer and processing of sulphur applications.   ‘Lewis’ axial flow pumps High flow, low head axial flow circulation pumps for chemical applications. ‘Wilfley’ Chemical pumps Heavy-duty chemical processing pumps that exceeds the ASME B73.1 M-91 specifications. They are designed for the most difficult applications, pumping highly corrosive liquids and, in certain instances, liquids containing solids. Valves– High alloy globe, gate and butterfly valves ‘Lewis’ acid valves manufactured from the alloy LEWMET which provides maximum corrosion resistance in acid applications. Mist eliminators and Mesh pads ECMSulphuric Acid solution distributes the Mecs range of mist eliminators and mesh pads in Zambia and the DRC. Acid Pipes Acid Pipes Mondi pipes for hot and concentrated sulphuric acid. Boilers Waste heat, electric and coal fired boilers. Pressure vessels and Autoclaves Pressure vessels to any specification. Heat exchangers Ceramic balls and saddles
ECMSulphuric Acid Solution provides comprehensive products and services in all aspects of sulphuric acid manufacture. Sulphuric Acid Solution provide the following services: Acid Plant Services Customer Training Acid Equipment
ECMSulphuric Acid Solution
Acid Equipment
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