Down the Hole Drills

Down the Hole Drilling Equipment

The smart choice in Down The Hole Drilling Equipment

ECMining, the registered holder of ECMDrills®, has sourced globally competitive Down the Hole (DTH) drilling equipment that offers;

  • High Quality - ISO and EU standard compliant
  • Durable - Quality materials, advanced engineering and manufacture
  • Field Tested - Proven reliability
  • Cost Effective - ‘lower cost per metre drilled’

ECMDrills® product categories include:

  • DTH Pipes and Accessories
  • DTH Bench Drilling
  • DTH Shank Adapters
  • DTH Drifting and Tunnelling
  • DTH Button Bits
  • DTH Hammers

Quality materials and advanced technology

ECMDrills® are manufactured to the highest standard, utilising the latest technology and quality materials:

  • Hot Press Technology: ECM drills DTH bits are manufactured using HOT PRESS technology. High grade 45CrNiMov TIMKEN® alloy steel is used to produce all the hot pressed button bits in ECM DHT drill bits. This makes ECM button bits harder wearing and more reliable.(Cold press bits are available for less arduous applications.)
  • Tungsten Carbide Buttons on ECM Drill Bits: Element 6 Group acquired Barat Carbide Gmbh in late 2007, which is the top grade carbide manufacturer and supplies the Tungsten Carbide buttons to Boart Long year. The Tungsten Carbide buttons for all ECM drill bits are made by Barat, now called Element 6 Hard Materials.
  • Friction Welded Drilling Rods: ECM drill pipes are friction welded, making the joint between two ends and the drilling rod’s body more reliable.
  • Black Oxide Thread: ECM drill threads are black oxide treated to prevent rust.
  • Heat Treated Thread: The heat treatment of ECM drill threads improves the mechanical properties of the thread, making it more durable.

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