Sulphuric Acid Solution

ECMSulphuric Acid Solution provides comprehensive products and services in all aspects of sulphuric acid manufacture.

Sulphuric Acid Solution provide the following services:

  • Acid Plant Services
  • Customer Training
  • Acid Equipment

Acid Plant Services

ECMSulphuric Acid Solution Ltd. have a well-established and enviable reputation in the acid and SO2 chemical sector. The quality of our engineers and technicians are the people that give us our competitive edge.

ECMSulphuric Acid Solution offers the following services.

  • Turn key management of sulphuric acid plants
  • Commissioning of new Sulphuric acid and SO2 plants
  • Vacuum catalyst Screening
  • Trouble shooting / diagnostics
  • Shutdown management
  • Engineering maintenance
  • Process maintenance
  • Plant inspections

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